Version 2.0.0 Released!

It’s to announce you that WordPress Simple Login Registration plugin’s most important and major version update 2.0.0 has been released on with below listed changelogs.

Version 2.0.0
1. Fixed – aqua-resizer conflict with other premium themes.
3. Removed – unexpected debug exit from funciton.php
4. Added – public function wp_slrp_get_registration_page_url
5. Added – public function wp_slrp_get_profile_edit_page_url
6. Added – public function wp_slrp_get_change_password_page_url
7. Added – public function wp_slrp_get_login_page_url
8. Added – public function wp_slrp_get_logout_page_url
9. Added – API hook
1. before_wpslrp_register_password_strength
2. after_wpslrp_register_password_strength
3. before_wpslrp_change_password_strength
4. after_wpslrp_change_password_strength
10. Fixed – captcha conflic issue with other plguins.
10. Fixed – wrong message display with username instead email, Oh Snap! The information you entered for the email username is incorrect.
11. Added – Profile Update Area
1. Profile Photo added for admin
2. Gender Male / Female for admin
3. Country added for admin
12. Fixed – When plugin based login page is not created then invalid redirect login page issue has been fixed with WordPress default login page.
13. Removed – duplicate function wp_slrp_get_user_role from function/functions.php
14. Added – User group wise page access control!
15. Added – User login status wise private page appearance in WordPress default primary menu.
16. Improved – “You do not have permission to access this page.” has been replaced with redirecting to home.
17. Added – Logged in user wise admin dashboard interface access control.
18. Added – When a page is visiting without roles / access control permission then now it will show WordPress default error as access denied.
19. Added – Removed posts from posts listing page like blog index which all posts are secured! Its even hiding posts from recent posts widget and post search results.
20. User role wise author template support.
Ex: 1. author-administrator.php
2. author-editor.php
21. Added – It is now possible to add link in menu with group / role based security.
22. Added – Global profile setting wise author URL modification and routing adjustments like.
23. Added – Translation Support with .POT, .PO and .MO file
24. Added – Show Password Strength under registration and change password form.
25. Improved – Improved some other minor fixes and features.

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