Adding Login form on Sidebar [Widget]

If you are running a website which is powered by WordPress and you have a customer or user base on your website, and you want to have a login form on any sidebar by widget you can do it with WordPress Simple Login Registration plugin.

Login Widget

From your website available widgets you can find the “Login Widget” -> “Display a login form”. and drag it on any sidebar widget area.

Login Widget Options

  • Title – Widget Title
  • Checkhox – Hide Input Labels by which you can make the form with input fields only not the add any label for each field.
  • Checkbox – Show Registration Link? – By default the registration link is not added as it is the Login for supposed to show on the widget.
  • Checkbox – Show Forgot Password Link? – By default the forgot password is also not available, you can show it by this settings
  • Template – You can put the login form theme name here from “theme1|theme2|theme3
  • Checkboxs – Social logins “facebook|twitter|google” note you need to keep the  “Enable Social Login?” true to show social login on the form.

Based on the above showing “Login Widget” settings the login form on side will be looks like below figure if the visitor or customer is not logged in:

If the visitor or customer is logged in s/he will see the widget looks like this:

Here the user is “admin”

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