User group specific after login page or dashboard redirection

User group specific after login page or dashboard redirection

With this plugin WordPress Simple Login Registration you can redirect your user / customer to any selected page right after a successful login. If you have multiple user role then it is also possible to set that page specific to user role.

Think that, if you a set of user role for example:

  1. Administrator
  2. Editor
  3. Contributor
  4. Author
  5. Subscriber etc

If you want your Subscriber role user to be redirected to a specific page template which is created only for that user role as a dashboard, for example – Subscriber role based user can be redirected to and Author role based user can be redirected to

What you need to do first?

Create some different dashboard page for each user role while create a page you can use Exclude Access Roles page settings to secure and restrict that page so that page can be only accessible by that role specific user!

Note: That page settings is to Exclude Access, so you need to “Select who can not access this”, If the page is for Subscriber user you need to select other role excluding Subscriber role. So that only that Subscriber role based user can have access to that page and other role based user will not have access to that page.


To enable user role wise login redirect you need to navigate to WPSLRP -> Settings -> Page Settings and Set Role Based Login Redirect? field as Yes

Same for other user role you can set that page by plugin settings as below image showing –





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