Version 2.1.0 Release Changelog

We are happy to announce that version 2.1.0 has been submitted with bellow listed change-log:

Version 2.1.0:


  1. Added – WordPress Version 4.9.x support added.
  2. Added – User group based after login page redirection.
  3. Added – User role wise logged in page redirection – Requested by frank
  4. Added – Username validation for multi word like “John Doe” – Requested by frank
  5. Added – Sidebar Login widget added requested by Patricia Tamborino.
  6. Added – Registration shortcode param: show_login_link: yes|no
  7. Added – Login shortcode param: show_registration_link: yes|no
  8. Added – Login shortcode param: show_forgot_password_link: yes|no
  9. Updated – Social registrations on registration page short code false by default – Requested by frank
  10. Updated – In settings tab all pages selector showing all pages – Requested by frank
  11. Updated – In settings tab all pages selector in Alphabatic order – Requested by frank
  12. Updated – Captcha by default off and can be enabled by the settings.
  13. Updated – Login shortcode param: hide_input_label: yes|no from true|false
  14. Updated – Registration shortcode param: hide_input_label: yes|no from true|false
  15. Fixed – vt_resize image resize conflict fix with other image resize library of theme/plugin.
  16. Fixed -Password strength ‘Test’ text removed.
  17. Fixed – Some CSS fix added for exiting themes.

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