Welcome to WordPress-Simple-Login-Registration.com – a Plugin that helps WordPress powered websites to add custom user login and registration with profile editing and social connect for easy to login and register.

My name is Juyal Ahmed and I’m a full time Web Developer making some good quality WordPress premium theme and plugins, I own this plugin as well.

I’m also an author of CodeAtomic.com… but more of that shortly.

Why Simple Login Registration?

This site is dedicated to helping other WordPress powered websites owner to add the custom user login and registration feature on their websites to increase user participation with creating their user account / profile. Also with this site you can find and read all kinds of required guidelines to install the plugins and use the plugin, however, if you are novice or an expert in WordPress powered site management.

This Simple Login Registration plugins has been developed around 3 years ago with some minimal features but now a days it becomes a bit larger and most complete than ever before.

If you would like more information on Simple Login Registration Plugin please get in touch through my contact page.

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